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The colloidalFoam solver uses particle tracking integrated with a basic fluid solver based on icoFoam. The particle solver tracks all individual solid particles in the domain and calculates fluid drag as well as the Van der Waals and Electric Double Layer forces between particles and wall surfaces. Wall collisions and collisions between particles are also used.

It was developed for the master thesis Development of a Coupled Fluid and Colloidal Particle Transport Model by Scott Ripplinger.

1 Theoretical Basis

1.1 Governing Equations

1.2 Drag model

1.3 Collision models

1.4 Colloidal models

2 Usage

2.1 Installation

2.2 Case structure

2.2.1 "particles" file

2.2.2 0/ directory

3 Code structure

3.1 Code basis

3.2 Use of different fluid solvers

3.3 Current bugs and issues

3.4 Potential further development