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1 Short Description

A modification of the gmshToFoam utility with an optimization of the conversion algorithm and support for cellZone's and internal faceZone's.

2 Usage

Usage is similar to gmshToFoam.

2.1 Additional Parameters

--noCellZones supresses the output of cellZone's

--noFaceZones supresses the output of faceZone's

--verbose <int> controls the amount of text output

3 Technical

The gmshToFoam utility which shipped with OpenFOAM v1.2 contained a call to primitivePatch::meshPointMap() inside a loop over all the external faces in a domain. The execution time of the conversion was significantly reduced as this function call was moved outside findInternalFace() and outside the face and boundary patch loops in the main program.

The gmsh "physical region id" is used to create faceZone's and cellZone's. A faceZone is created for any "face regions" which do not lie on the boundary. The relative orientation of the faces will not necessarily be correct.

The amount of text output can be controlled by the parameter --verobse If set to 0 the program will approximately output as much text as the v1.2 gmshToFoam utility.

4 Warnings

These modifications to gmshToFoam have not been tested extensively.

The modifications were made to gmshToFoam v1.2, not to the sources posted on the forum [1].

5 Download

The sources

6 History

First Upload January 27, 2005