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1 Short description

A steady-state incompressible turbulent flow solver with scalar transport and mass transfer coefficient and Sherwood number calculation.

2 Compilation

Do the following steps:

  • Download the solver package
  • tar xzf SimpleScalarFoam.tar.gz
  • cd simpleScalarFoam
  • wmake

3 Physics

The solver is based on simpleFoam, with the transport of a scalar T having a mass diffusion coefficient D_T:

\nabla \cdot \left(\mathbf{U} T\right) - \nabla \cdot \left( (D_T + \nu_{turb}/Sc_{turb}) \nabla T \right) = 0

The mass transfer coefficient is determined at each wall by assuming that the value of T at the wall is zero:

k_c=-\frac{D_T}{T_b} \frac{\partial T}{\partial y}|_{y=0}

where T_b is the bulk value of T and y is the direction normal to the wall.

The Sherwood number is then determined by:

Sh=\frac{k_c d}{D_T}

where d is the characteristic dimension.

In order to use the solver, you should add D_T, T_b and d to the transportProperties dictionary.

4 Download

The most up-to-date version of the sources can be downloaded below:

5 History

  • 2009-06-15: Second version
  • 2009-01-19: Initial upload