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1 Description

This code implements Variable-Order Non-Oscillatory Scheme (VONOS) which can be used as a divScheme. This scheme is NVD but doesn't meet TVD criteria.

Reference: https://www.cfd-online.com/Wiki/Approximation_Schemes#VONOS_-_Variable-Order_Non-Oscillatory_Scheme

2 Installation

Valid versions: OF Version 32ext.png

  • Move files by
mkdir $FOAM_SRC/finiteVolume/interpolation/surfaceInterpolation/limitedSchemes/VONOS
mv VONOS.H VONOS.C $FOAM_SRC/finiteVolume/interpolation/surfaceInterpolation/limitedSchemes/VONOS
  • Modify $FOAM_SRC/finiteVolume/Make/files by adding a line in the $(limitedSchemes) section, for example:
  • Compile
cd $FOAM_SRC/..

3 Usage examples

To use this code, insert into fvSchemes:

    div(phi,U)      Gauss VONOSV; // VONOS scheme for vector
    div(phi,U)      Gauss VONOSVDC; // Deferred correction VONOS scheme for vector
    div(phi,k)      Gauss VONOS; // VONOS scheme for scalar
    div(phi,k)      Gauss VONOSDC; // Deferred correction VONOS scheme for vector

4 Documentation

This implementation is based on publication by Varonos et al (1998).

5 History

31 Jan 2019: First upload