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1 Short description

A patch to the blockMesh tool to enable double graded meshes, that is meshes which have a minimum or maximum cell spacing in the middle of an edge.

2 Usage

The utility works the same way as the standard blockMesh tool, but accepts negative grading coefficients in the blockMeshDict file.

For example, simpleGrading (1 -2 1) in blockMeshDict means the created mesh has cells two times larger in the center than those at the side.

The executable is called by the command "blockMeshDG".

Source of example and original code: blockMesh with double grading

3 Download

Get the most recent version here:

You can either use the Mercurial source code management utility (about Mercurial):

hg clone
cd blockmeshdg

Or download from ZIP:

wget -O
cd blockmeshDG-*
chmod +x Allwmake
find . -exec touch '{}' \;

4 History

--Akidess 13:42, 4 March 2012 (CET)