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1 2010, August 16

Updated the Wiki to the MediaWiki 1.16.0-version. Update of the SemanticWiki-Bundle did not work so for the time being it is not upgraded

The introduction of the Captcha wasn't too successful. Some bots still edited pages. But at least matters did not become worse.

2 2010, July 21

Added a Captcha to the user creation to make it more difficult for spam-bots to register

3 2010, March 4

After frequent freezes of the Wiki decided to do an update of the software

4 2008, February 21

The old Webserver had a hardware-failure. The Wiki moved to a new machine and hopefully works

5 2006, May 26

Got the domain This Wiki should be known from now on under this name (will publish this fact as soon as I'm sure that this works the way it should)

6 2006, March 13/14

The spammers where here again. I spent some happy hours removing the damage. Seriously considering violence if I ever meet one of these #&%xxx%$�?§.

They were using HTMP-
-tags to hide their spam. As a consequence I switched of HTML-support in Wiki-Text. THis means that var won't show as fixed-width font var. Sorry.

7 2006, March 8/9

Due to a problem with the internet backbone of the university the whole domain (and this website) were not available to the world.

8 2006, March 6

First time in weeks that the Wiki has been hit by a spam-bot. I hope that I removed all spam, but if you happen to stumble upon any div-tags that look like spam, please remove them.

9 2006, January 28

During the OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb two suggestions were made concerning the Wiki (and promptly implemented):

10 2005, December 28

An extension to the Wiki that prevents spamming by heuristic methods has been installed and seems to work (denied a number of spamming events already). The only problem seems to be that it classifies certain RSS-Readers as spammers and blocks their IPs.

11 2005, December 21

A lot of spamming has been going on. The Wiki is undergoing some maintaince, to prevent such things in the future, sorry for the inconveniences you might eperience.

12 2005, November 7

Again a spam-bot visited this site and added Links to Spam-Sites. The changes have been removed and precautions against this happening again have been taken.

On the positive side: the spam-bots think that modifying this site is worth it. What a compliment.

13 2005, October 3

An individual that calls himself Buba5 (the name speaks for itself) erased the complete FAQ and this page. If you see him, tell him mummy is looking for him and he's a bad boy.

14 2005, June 27

Our region was hit by some thunderstorms at the last weekend. This caused a shortage and our webserver refused to reboot. The Wiki was therefor offline for 2 days. Sorry.