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== History ==
== History ==
1 Jun 2010: First upload
22 Sep 2019: First upload
1 Oct 2011: Bug fix for negative inlet velocities

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This template is only a suggestion aimed at saving your time. Please feel free to use any other format on the subpage for your contribution!

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1 Description

This code solves the continuity and momentum equations along with the transport equations for cations and anions and the Poisson equation. The electrostatic equations are coupled to the fluid flow equations through the convective terms in ionic transport equations. The ionic transport equations are coupled to each other through the electrostatic Poisson equation.

2 Installation

Download from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p45ax8p4qvgbsyu/AABJt38xa5ghHRvOLorv5WU_a?dl=0

Then compile by running:


3 Usage examples

To use this code, insert into controlDict:

....(insert the necessary options here)...

4 Documentation

This implementation is based on publication by Kashir et al (2019).

5 History

22 Sep 2019: First upload