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All OpenFOAM applications do parallel communication through the Pstream library only so using any underlying message passing library (MPI, GAMMA) is just a matter of replacing Pstream. One can have multiple versions and just change the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to pick up the wanted one.

- in your ~/.OpenFOAM-1.XXX/bashrc define (or uncomment) WM_MPLIB to be the name of your message passing library. E.g.


- in the central OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.XXX/.bashrc set all the additional settings for your WM_MPLIB. The only non-optional setting is


which is the place where the Pstream library will be put.

- in your rules directory ($WM_DIR/rules/$WM_ARCH) make a mplib${WM_MPLIB} file. In my example: mplibMPIGAMMA. Usually easiest to start from e.g. the LAM one.

- go to $FOAM_SRC/Pstream


- this will have made a $FOAM_MPI_LIBBIN/

That is all. Now all of OpenFOAM will use your communication library.

If you are investigating higher performance replacements for e.g. LAM,OpenMPI have a look at GAMMA ( This is fully supported since OF version 14.png.