Installation/Linux/foam-extend-3.0/Arch Linux

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WARNING: This page is outdated. For up-to-date installation instructions, please refer to : Installation/Linux/foam-extend-3.0.

1 Introduction

This page is dedicated to explaining how to install the foam-extend project OF Version 30ext.png in Arch Linux and derivatives.

If you do not yet feel comfortable using Linux, then perhaps you better first read the page Working with the Shell and train a bit with the shell/terminal environments, so you can have a better perception of the steps shown below.

2 Copy-Paste steps

A few notes before you start copy-pasting:

  1. Lines that start with # don't have to be copy-pasted. They are just comments to let you know what's going on.
  2. One wrong character is enough for breaking this guide, so make sure you can read the characters properly or that the installed language system does not break the copied characters!

2.1 Manjaro Linux

The official website for Manjaro is this: Manjaro Linux

Here you have a few choices: