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Feel free to start discussions about this Wiki (Suggestions, rants, etc) here

    Bgschaid (talk)16:47, 18 July 2013

    In the new site structure, as logged in editors, we're missing an important "Page Tool", namely: "What Links Here"

    I'm asking for this feature, because it's a somewhat important tool when trying to figure out how readers can easily find a particular page or not ;)

      Wyldckat (talk)13:57, 8 November 2014

      I see it at the bottom (just above the privacy policy). Is that sufficient for your purposes? (it makes sense to me that the creator of the Skin moved it to the bottom: it is more for maintainers than for the general public. So the visibility doesn't have to be THAT high)

        Bgschaid (talk)14:59, 8 November 2014

        Oops, sorry about that. I vaguely remember seeing the links at the bottom of the page a few weeks ago, but today I completely forgot to look for them at the bottom of the page.

        It does make sense that these are placed at the bottom. Many thanks for pointing it out!

          Wyldckat (talk)15:04, 8 November 2014

          What does annoy me about the current skin is that there is no visual feedback whether there is a discussion about the current page.

          That is a long term-project to find a non-intrusive solution for that

            Bgschaid (talk)15:04, 8 November 2014

            I was wondering about the organization of the wiki. What about using namespaces for each OpenFOAM version? This would allow the creation of a sort of a subwiki for each version that could work, without relations with the other version pages, as a reference for that particular version.

            This way it would be possible to have same-titled pages but for different namespaces, somehow freezing a common structure for them.

            Don't know if you already discussed about that.

            Ref: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Using_custom_namespaces

              Tidusuper91 (talk)15:04, 14 November 2016