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I'm a MSc graduate from the University of Groningen (RuG) in The Netherlands since 2007. After having working in radar and electro-optical engineering and research and development for 12 years (started after graduating), I've recently switched to a small wind turbine company: 2-B Energy. The wind turbine we developed and is running currently in Eemshaven (NL) is a 2-bladed, downwind, passively yaw-dampened wind turbine.

my job is to be(come) an aerodynamics "guy" and a CFD "guy".

At this point I've come quite far and made some initial simulations, however, these are just initial steps. And even though it is relatively easy to simulate something, doing a thorough analysis via CFD/OpenFOAM and knowing what is being simulated and where the inaccuracies lie, requires a lot more knowledge than I currently have.