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The front page now has dynamic content that changes automagically

The three types of additional content are:

News Items
News that is sorted by the time it was inserted (News items are found at Category:NewsItem)
Future events. These are inserted in textual form and as a timeline on the top the page (all events are found at Category:Event
The article of the hour
Every hour an article is drawn from this pool Category:FeaturedArticle and a short abstract is displayed

Articles can be quite easily added to one of these categories, but please:

  • make sure that the Category-tag is nested inside of <noinclude>
  • there is a short (one or two sentences) abstract at the start of the article and make sure it is the only part that will be shown in the summaries (by using <noinclude> or <includeonly> - have a look at Contrib_groovyBC and Local_User_Groups_/_Local_User_Group_Germany to see how they are used)
  • make sure that is relevant to the general public (if in doubt ask)

Articles that do not conform to this will have the category-tag removed.