Benchmark ercoftac ufr2-02

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1 ERCOFTAC UFR 2-02: Flow past a square cylinder

1.1 Description

For a full description of the case see:

U_in = 0.54 m/s with 2% turbulence
Re_D = 22 000

Size of the square cylinder is 0.04 m wide and 0.392 m high.
Its situated in a tunnel with a width of 14D = 0.56 m.
computational domain

1.2 Results

Experimental results
The Strouhal number is around 0.132
Drag coefficient is around 1.9-2.2

OpenFOAM results
The grid here, and in the supplied example, is too coarse really. But it's nice for testing different setups before doing the real simulation
and its good enough to be used for mapping if you want to run on a fine mesh without the initial start-up.
OpenFOAM Cd results OpenFOAM Cl results
The drag coefficient fluctuates a bit, but after 5-6 seconds the average settles around 2.04.
The calculated Strouhal value in the above picture is around 0.135.

St = \omega \frac{D}{U} = \frac{D}{\tau U}

1.3 Notes

In the case directory there is a perl script called
This script will generate the blockMeshDict file given input arguments. To see what they are just run it without any input arguments and it will write some helpful usage info.

If you want to run a 2D simulation just edit the and remove the comment infront of $nz.

my $nz = int(0.2*$H1/$dx) + 1;
#$nz = 1;

and change the wall bc to empty for lowerUpper patches

    print "    wall lowerUpper\n";

1.4 Download

The application to use is pimpleFoam and the case can be downloaded here

1.5 References

This list only contains references that can be obtained for free and that are not subject to any copyright infringement...I hope.

It is just a small list that is by no means complete, since I dont want to copy it from the ercoftac database.

--Niklas 13:29, 24 April 2010 (UTC)