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Quoting from the README file:

The included solid mechanics solvers employ the finite volume method (not finite elements) to numerically approximate the displacements and stresses in solid bodies undergoing deformation.
The included solvers are suitable for small strain, small strain with large rotations, large strain, cohesive zones, plasticity, thermal- elasticity, visco-elasticity, gravity forces, fluid-structure interactions, multi-material analyses and contact stress analysis.
A number of custom boundary conditions with full non-orthogonal correction are including time-varying displacements and tractions, fixed rotations, and fixed displacements with zero shear stress.
A number of people have contributed to the development of the solvers, mainly within Alojz Ivankovic's research group. The main contributors are: Aleksandar Karac, Zeljko Tukovic, Hrvoje Jasak, Philip Cardiff, Declan Carolan, Michael Leonard and Valentine Kanyanta.
The solvers have been assembled and are maintained by Philip Cardiff, University College Dublin.
Have fun.
OF Version 30ext.png - openfoam-extend/foam-extend-3.0 at, namely in the branch master (mirror repositories)
OF Version 20.png OF Version 21.png OF Version 22.png OF Version 23.png - wyldckat/solidMechanics at Github

Note: Given the changes made in the transition made between OpenFOAM 1.6-ext and FOAM-Extend 3.0, the solidMechanics toolkit is currently only present in FOAM-Extend 3.0, but can easily be transferred and built with 1.6-ext.

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