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Defines the liquid properties of the liquid components.

The constructor looks like this

liquidName nameFromDatabase defaultCoeffs;


liquidName liquidName ...a looot of coefficients for all the properties.

This constructor is really complex and should be avoided. It is alot easier to use one of the existing fuels, rename it and modify it and compile it into the liquids library.

The liquidName does not have to be the same as the nameFromDatabase.

An example could be that you for instance would like to use different components for the liquid and gas. Assume we have a gaseous fuel with the name Diesel.

The Diesel name is used and defined in chem.inp and therm.dat, but there is no Diesel liquid. For the liquid we would like to use n-decane instead. The constructor would thus look like


    Diesel C10H22 defaultCoeffs;

The liquid will now have all the properties of n-decane (including latent heat), but when it evaporates it will have all the chemical and thermodynamic properties of Diesel.