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Valid versions: OF Version 21x.png

1 Short description

A patch to the checkMesh tool to calculate the volume ratio of adjacent cells

2 Usage

The utility works the same way as the standard checkMesh tool, but also takes the maximum accepted volume ratio between to cells as a necessary input. Cells not obeying this constraint are saved to a cellSet.

2.1 Example output

 == Cell ratio output of checkMeshEx == 
    Max volume = 1.35475e-06
    Min volume = 1.92277e-08
    Avg volume = 2.18039e-07
    Max cell size ratio = 1.22518
    Avg cell size ratio = 1.04121
  <<Writing 756 too large ratio cells to set tooLargeRatio

3 Download

Get the most recent version here:

hg clone
cd checkmeshex