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1 Short description

A patch to the foamCalc tool to enable some extra field operations such as min and max.

2 Usage

The utility works the same way as the standard foamCalc tool, but accepts extra parameters (min, max, volIntegrate, average, grad, scalarMultiply):

foamCalcEx min <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges] 

foamCalcEx max <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx minMax <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx cellMinMax <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx volIntegrate <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx average <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx grad <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx laplacian <fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

foamCalcEx multiplyDivide <fieldName> multiply/divide -field/value <scalar_value>/<fieldName> [-latestTime] [-time ranges]

3 Download

Get the most recent version here:

To install, run one of the following group of commands in a terminal window where you have loaded the OpenFOAM environment:

  • If you have hg (Mercurial) installed:
    hg clone
    cd foamcalcex
  • If you do not have hg (Mercurial) installed or if you're in a country with a more restricted access or unable to use HTTPS:
    wget -O
    cd akidess-foamcalcex-*
    chmod +x Allwmake postProcessing/Allwmake
    find . -exec touch '{}' \;

4 History

--Akidess (talk) 13:59, 2 October 2012 (CEST) Now runs on OF-1.6-ext

--Akidess 08:36, 10 January 2012 (CET)

--Akidess 09:38, 18 October 2011 (CEST)

5 Note

Be aware that the swak4Foam utilities funkySetFields and funkyDoCalc can also be used for post-processing calculations (with longer commandline flags or dictionaries)