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1 Valid Versions

Compiled under OF Version 21.png

2 Download

- For OpenFOAM-2.1.x: modifyPatches.tar.gz

To compile unzip the tarball to your OpenFOAM user directory, then go to the folder and run wmake (chapter 3 of the user manual).

tar -zxvf modifyPatches-2.1.x.tar.gz

cd modifyPatches

wclean; wmake

3 Purpose

This utility is developed to manipulate the "constant/polyMesh/boundary" file automatically. This is useful when using utilities like splitMesh or splitMeshWithSets . It is also useful for importing mesh from other software (e.g. Gmsh). The utility can:

  • Change the type of a non-null patch (of size greater than zero) to: empty, wall, wedge, symmetry, cyclic or processor
  • Remove a given null patch
  • Create a null patch of a given name at the end of the "constant/polyMesh/boundary" file

4 Use

The help message modifyPatches -help reads:

Usage: modifyPatches [OPTIONS]


 -case <dir>              specify alternate case directory, default is the cwd
 -cyclic <patchName>      change type of patch to cyclic
 -empty <patchName>       change type of patch to empty
 -noFunctionObjects       do not execute functionObjects
 -null <patchName>        creates a new patch of zero size
 -processor <patchName>   change type of patch to processor
 -remove <patchName>      removes a zero size patch
 -symmetry <patchName>    change type of patch to symmetry
 -wall <patchName>        change type of patch to wall
 -wedge <patchName>       change type of patch to wedge
 -srcDoc                  display source code in browser
 -doc                     display application documentation in browser
 -help                    print the usage

Description: modifyPatches is an application developed by Hisham El Safti in January 2013

Purpose: Manipulates the constant/polyMesh/boundary file to modify patches from patch type to wall, empty, wedge, cyclic, symmetryPlane or processor. This is helpful to use with gmshToFoam. The utility allows addition and removal of null patches for use with splitMesh.

Examples of use:

  $ modifyPatches -empty frontAndBack 
  $ modifyPatches -null Master

5 Notes

  • The "constant/polyMesh/boundary" file is overwritten
  • The application can read one value for each option (for two empty patches use the utility twice)
  • The processor patch is set to 0 processor and 1 neighbour processor by default
  • The cyclic patch does not add a neighbourPatch keyword
  • The purpose of this utility can also be achieved by pyFoam

6 History

  • First version added for OpenFOAM-2.1.x --El Safti (talk) 08:17, 11 January 2013 (CET)