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Jun 18, 2014 in Everywhere, World

Foam-extend-3.1 finally released

From the MessageBoard Announcement:

It is our pleasure to announce the release of the foam-extend-3.1 code.

The code is available here: Descriptions are available here: A simpler URL brings also brings you directly to the foam-extend-project:

The release notes are available here: (In $WM_PROJECT_DIR/ReleaseNotes.txt)

Installation instructions can be found here: (In $WM_PROJECT_DIR/doc/buildInstructions) Report installation problems. See BUG REPORTS below. Contribute with additional build instructions. See BUG REPORTS below. Run the testHarness, following the instructions in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness/README.txt. Report fails, including URL to test results. See BUG REPORTS below.

The foam-extend workflow: The master branch is updated with bug fixes, but no new features – stable. The nextRelease branch is updated both with bug fixes and new features – semi-stable. The installation instructions are for the master branch.

You are encouraged to continuously contribute to the nextRelease branch according to the instructions at:

Bugs can be reported here.

The foam-extend administrators.

Reported at Jun 18,2014

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