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1 Description

This toolkit was created by and for the OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group.

2 Installation

Valid versions: OF Version 16ext.png

To download and install, run these commands:

mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN
cd $FOAM_RUN/..
git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/openfoam-extend/DensityBasedTurbo DensityBasedTurbo
cd DensityBasedTurbo/src
cp -r timeStepping/MRF/* $FOAM_SRC/finiteVolume/cfdTools/general/MRF/
wmake libso $FOAM_SRC/finiteVolume

Note: If you have problems using git to clone from the official repository, then try these mirrors:

  1. DensityBasedTurbo mirror at Github - you can use any of the following commands:
    git clone git://github.com/Unofficial-Extend-Project-Mirror/openfoam-extend-DensityBasedTurbo.git DensityBasedTurbo
    git clone https://github.com/Unofficial-Extend-Project-Mirror/openfoam-extend-DensityBasedTurbo.git DensityBasedTurbo

2.1 Installing on foam-extend 3.0

Valid versions: OF Version 30ext.png

Before running Allwmake in the instructions above, apply the following modification (aka patch):

--- transonicMRFFSIDyMFoam/Make/options
+++ transonicMRFFSIDyMFoam/Make/options
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ EXE_INC = \
     -I$(LIB_SRC)/dynamicMesh/dynamicMesh/lnInclude \
     $(WM_DECOMP_INC) \
+    -I$(LIB_SRC)/tetFiniteElement/lnInclude \
     -I$(LIB_SRC)/tetDecompositionFiniteElement/lnInclude \

Add the line marked with the plus sign (but without the + sign) to the file specified in the beginning of the patch. This will allow building the solver transonicMRFFSIDyMFoam in foam-extend 3.0.

3 Usage examples

Have a look into the folder DensityBasedTurbo/run.

4 Documentation

Please refer to the OpenFOAM Turbomachinery Working Group pages.

5 History

13:02, 2 March 2014 (CET): Kicked off this page, since it was nowhere to be found on the wiki.