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1 Description

This code implements the Wray-Agarwal one-eqn turbulence closure model. [Developed on OpenFOAM V4.1]

       Wray, T. J., Agarwal, R. K.,
       A New Low Reynolds Number One Equation Turbulence Model Based on a k-omega Closure,
       AIAA Journal, Vol. 53, No. 8, 2015, pp. 2216-2227

2 Installation

Download from https://openfoamwiki.net/images/4/4c/Contribution.zip

Then compile by following the instructions in the ReadMe file in the zip.

3 Usage examples

To use this code, select the model as the RAS model to be used in a simulation in the constant/turbulenceProperties dictionary.

The working variable was labeled RWA (to avoid possible conflict with the Reynolds stress tensor R).

An example test case, applying the model to the usual pitzDaly case is included in the zip.

4 Documentation

This implementation is based on the Wray Agarwal model as presented in the NASA turbulence model research page (https://turbmodels.larc.nasa.gov/wray_agarwal.html).

5 History

22 Mar 2018: First upload