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1 Description

The objective of this page is to provide a centralized list of ideas for new wiki pages and ideas for improving existing pages.

If you want to add a new idea, simple add it to the correct section. If you want to discuss or ask about any one of the still open idea topics, please use the discussion page Talk:FAQ/Wiki/Ideas.

1.1 Ideas for new pages

1.1.1 Create a new page for gathering links and bibliography on comparisons between OpenFOAM and commercial CFD

This is a frequent question asked on the forum and we haven't got yet a complete list on OpenFOAM vs commercial CFD.

This was originally suggested by Far to Wyldckat, with this link on CFX vs OpenFOAM: [1]

Another example: Simulation of helium release in the Battelle Model Containment facility using OpenFOAM (comparison with experiment and CFX)

1.1.2 Create the page for multiphaseEulerFoam

Create the page for multiphaseEulerFoam and add this valuable information: [2]

1.1.3 Create the dedicated page for function objects

Create the dedicated section for Main_OFFunctionObjects and move the following pages to there:

In addition, add a redirect for the page functionObjects, which is very used in a lot of the utilities Main_OFUtilities.

1.1.4 Create a page dedicated to running in parallel

Running OpenFOAM is parallel is a major topic and deserves its own main page and subpages that explain each topic.

There is a blog post with a good compilation of information on this topic: Notes about running OpenFOAM in parallel

1.1.5 Create a page describing what NoRepository is for

The page in question is this one: OpenFOAM guide/NoRepository

The source of information for it can be copy-paste-adapted from this thread: NoRepository

1.1.6 Create a page describing what pTraits is for

The page in question is this one: OpenFOAM guide/pTraits

The source of information for it can be copy-paste-adapted from this thread: newbie question - simple pTraits

1.1.7 Page dedicated to detail several possibilities for residual plotting

Main reference thread: http://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/openfoam-solving/64146-tutorial-how-plot-residuals-5.html#post495916

1.2 Ideas for improving existing pages

1.2.1 Ideas for new FAQ entries How to provide a test case for the forum

Many of new OpenFOAM users haven't got a clear idea on how example cases should be provided on the forum, so that it's easier to assist them. Therefore, we need a FAQ entry that explains how to prepare such a case. How to find dictionary files

This is one of those basic finds on Linux and Mac OS X, which should be as simple as running the command:

find $WM_PROJECT_DIR -name "*Dict" Compile information on ParaView/paraFoam

User:Wyldckat has already created several helpful posts at CFD-Online's forums on how to use ParaFoam and ParaView:

The objective is to compile the a FAQ list on all of the explained topics so far, so that it'll be easier to find said solutions.

1.2.2 Improvements for HowTo_debugging Add information on how to to make sure flags defined for custom boundary conditions get processed

This is explained: here

1.2.3 There are 2 pages about PISO

The two pages are:

The objective is to either merge the second page into the first one and then add a redirect to the second one; or make the second one a sub-page of the first one.