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This is an overview page of all the available feature pages. To make a page a feature page

  • Make it a sub-page of Feature
  • Add a property FeatureName (pages using this property will be added to the table)
  • Add a property FeatureCategory (Attention: use one of the values described on the property-page)
  • Add version templates for all Foam/OpenFOAM-versions to support this (please only use point-versions but no patch-versions: so 2.3 but not 2.3.1)
  • All this can be done in a free-form text that describes this features. Useful information in this text can be
    • Links to the release notes where this feature was first described
    • Links to other related/similar features here on the Wiki
    • For claims about the performance/problems of a feature add links to MessageBoard discussions, presentations etc

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Feature/MacOSXPlatformMac OS XPlatformnononononoyesyes
Feature/amiAMI (Arbitrary Mesh Interface)Boundary Conditionnonoyesyesyesnono
Feature/enhanced dictionary expansionEnhanced dictionary macro expansionOthernononoyesyesnono
Feature/fvOptionsfvOptionsPhysical Modelnononoyesyesnono
Feature/ggiGGI (General Grid Interface)Boundary Conditionyesnonononoyesyes
Feature/multiphase TurbulenceMultiphase turbulencePhysical Modelnonononoyesnono
Feature/patchGroupsPatch groupsOthernononoyesyesnono
Feature/semiImplicitMULESPredictor-Corrector Semi-Implicit MULESNumericsnonononoyesnono
Feature/thermal bafflesthermal bafflesPhysical Modelnononoyesyesnono

1 Features by category

1.1 Physical Model

1.1.1 Feature/fvOptions

fvOptions allow selecting Physical Model(s) at run-time

1.1.2 Feature/multiphase Turbulence

With Multiphase turbulence the fractions of the phases are correctly treated in the turbulence model

1.1.3 Feature/thermal baffles

The Physical Model(s) thermal baffles allow simulating thin solid structures and their thermal conductivity

1.2 Boundary Condition

1.2.1 Feature/ami

The AMI (Arbitrary Mesh Interface) is a Boundary Condition that allows mapping one boundary to another similar to GGI.

1.2.2 Feature/ggi

The GGI (General Grid Interface) is a Boundary Condition that allows mapping one boundary to another.

1.3 Meshing

1.3.1 Feature/foamyHexMesh

foamyHexMesh is a Meshing tool that automatically generates hex-dominant meshes using surface meshes

1.4 Numerics

1.4.1 Feature/semiImplicitMULES

Predictor-Corrector Semi-Implicit MULES is a algorithm that allows to do VOF-calculations without a Courant-limit on the time-step

1.5 Solver

No features in this category

1.6 Utility

No features in this category

1.7 Platform

1.7.1 Feature/LinuxPlatform

Compilation on Linux works on all distros

1.7.2 Feature/MacOSXPlatform

Compilation on Mac OS X.

1.7.3 Feature/WindowsPlatform

Compilation on Windows works on no distro