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Chapter 1. The files fvc.h includes

This file brings into the code a host of tools for finding explicit derivatives. This file reads the following

#include "fv.H"
#include "surfaceInterpolate.H"
#include "fvcVolumeIntegrate.H"
#include "fvcSurfaceIntegrate.H"
#include "fvcAverage.H"
#include "fvcReconstruct.H"
#include "fvcDdt.H"
#include "fvcDDt.H"
#include "fvcD2dt2.H"
#include "fvcDiv.H"
#include "fvcFlux.H"
#include "fvcGrad.H"
#include "fvcMagSqrGradGrad.H"
#include "fvcSnGrad.H"
#include "fvcCurl.H"
#include "fvcLaplacian.H"
#include "fvcSup.H"
#include "fvcMeshPhi.H"

As shown above file includes a bunch of tool providing other files. The following table specifies which tools are specified by which file.

Tools fvc.H brings
Operation Description File Providing Tool
Interpolation Interpolate cell values to the face surfaceInterpolate.H
Integration Volume integrate a (volume) field fvcVolumeIntegrate.H
Surface integrate a (surface) field fvcSurfaceIntegrate.H
Averaging Area weighted average over a surface fvcAverage.H
Reconstruction Reconstruction of the volume field from the fluxes available at the surface fvcReconstruct.H
Derivatives Partial derivative with respect to time; \frac{\partial}{\partial t} fvcDdt.H
Substantiative (total) derivative; \frac{D}{D t} fvcDDt.H
Divergence of a field; \nabla\cdot fvcDiv.H
Face flux from a given field fvcFlux.H
Gradient of the given field; \nabla fvcGrad.H
Magnitude square of gradient of the given field; \left|\nabla\right|^2 fvcMagSqrGradGrad.H
Face normal Gradient of the given field \hat n \cdot \nabla fvcSnGrad.H
Curl of given vector field; \nabla\times fvcCurl.H
Laplacian of the field; \nabla ^2 fvcLaplacian.H
Explicit calculation of field for sources Somebody help me here ;) fvcSup.H
Calculates mesh motion flux fvcMeshPhi.H

Note: fv.H simply defines the fv namespace.