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1 Name

gambitToFoam - Converts a GAMBIT mesh to OpenFOAM format

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2 Synopsis


3 Description

Convert a mesh file GAMBIT_MESH from Gambit format to foam format.

Note that when you export a mesh from Gambit (creating a file with a .msh extension) you should use fluentMeshToFoam instead.

-scale factor

Scale the mesh geometry by factor. If not provided, use 1

-case DIR

Execute the command on the case directory DIR. If not provided, use the current directory


Skip the execution of the functionObjects


Display the help and exit

See also paragraph 5.5.3 of the User Guide.

4 What to do in Gambit

To export a Gambit mesh, choose the solver to be "Generic" and then choose export mesh from the pull-down menu.