HowTo Integrate the Doxygen as a search engine in Firefox

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If you are using the the Doxygen documentation almost as often as the mighty Google you might find it convenient to have the doxygen-docu handy as a "search engine" in your Firefox:

  1. Install the "Ad To Searchbar" plugin and restart the browser
  2. Surf to the Doxygen that you usually use
  3. Right click on the textbox that is used for searching there and select "Add to search bar"
  4. In the Window that pops up select an appropriate title and (if you want the "eye candy" one of these Icons (as appropriate for your OF-version): OFSearch 1.5.pngOFSearch 1.4.1.png (You've got to safe them to disk first of course)
  5. Klick OK

Now you can search the Doxygen by selecting the "search engine" in the search-dropdown and typing for instance fvMesh enter return and get beamed to the search results


  • It is my impression, that the response time (time after pressing return) is much smaller using this method than using the regular page, but I could be mistaken (and I don't know what could be the reason for this)
  • The plugin can be used for any other search page. The only exception I found is the MessageBoard

--Bgschaid 16:42, 16 September 2008 (CEST)