HowTo port from older versions to 13

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In Version 1.3 of OpenFOAM some reorganisations of the source code took place. One that is most commonly encountered when a utility is converted from an older version is that stuff that was under the topic cfdtools (implicitly saying that when someone says CFD he means finite Volume) was moved to finiteVolume.

So if such a utility is compiled with wmake a number of error messages is encountered, the first usually being

could not open file fvCFD.H for source myVeryPersonalUtility.C

This can be fixed, by going to the source directory of the utility you wish to compile (if you did the wmake you're usually already there) and open the file Make/options. There replace the lines for EXE_INC that are similar to


with lines like


and replace for the link command the lines like