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This page is dedicated to explaining how to install OpenFOAM OF Version FoundationDev.png in:

  • Community ENTerprise Operating System, aka CentOS.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, aka RHEL.
  • Scientific Linux, aka SL.

In theory, all of the above follow the same versioning. Therefore, at the time this page was first written, RHEL, CentOS and SL were all at version 6.6.

Both SL and CentOS derive from RHEL, but CentFOAM is what inspired this (and other related instruction pages). Therefore, before even trying to follow the instructions on this page, try first CentFOAM.

Last but not least, RHEL uses Fedora as their bleeding edge Linux Distribution, where they test new features. This leads to very close similarities between them, e.g. RHEL 6.3 is very similar to Fedora 14; which means that whatever you can build on Fedora 14, you should also be able to build on RHEL 6.3!

If you do not yet feel comfortable using Linux, then perhaps you better first read the page Working with the Shell and train a bit with the shell/terminal environments, so you can have a better perception of the steps shown below.

For the most part you have the following choices on how to install OpenFOAM-dev:

  • You can install from source, by either:
    • Following the official instructions from here: OpenFOAM Source Repository
    • Or by following the detailed step-by-step instructions provided in the following pages...

Here are the Ubuntu versions for which the community has already written step-by-step OpenFOAM-dev installation instructions:

Installation/Linux/OpenFOAM-dev/CentOS SL RHEL/6.10 (SCL)Installation/Linux/OpenFOAM-dev/CentOS SL RHEL/6.8