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1 Introduction

This page is an entry point to the instructions made available for reproducing Live Images, usually for deploying in bootable CD/DVD and USB drives. Meaning of Live Images is as follows:

They are called images because they are complete copies of a disk or partition, stored in a single file.
Nowadays it's fairly common for Linux Distributions to have a Live CD or Live DVD for each release, as explained at Wikipedia's Live CD wiki page.
Live Images
The most common image type is the ISO image for Live CDs and DVDs. Nonetheless, it's possible to have images of any partition or disk, as explained at Wikipedia's Disk image wiki page.

Therefore, these pages aim to explain how to create, deploy/install and use such Live Images.

Here is the list of pages that fall into this category:

2 How to add new pages

Check the source code of one or more of the children pages listed in the Introduction to get a better idea of the structure, but the common structure is as follows:

  1. All children pages must start with Installation/Live Images
  2. Next indicate the operating system it's meant for and in that page, must refer have at the bottom of the page this code:
    [[Category:Live OS Images]]