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1 Introduction

This page is an entry point to the several instructions made available for installing On-Screen Mesa on any operating system for using directly with ParaView. This is only needed on virtual machines or when using older graphics cards and/or drivers, it's not possible to use ParaView 5.0 and newer when built with OpenGL2, which requires OpenGL with version 3.3 or newer. Therefore, a workaround, is to build and deploy On-Screen Mesa drivers.

These instructions are based on at Kitware's blog post Messing with Mesa for ParaView 5.0/VTK 7.0.

Here is the list of pages that fall into this category:

2 How to add new pages

Check the source code of one or more of the children pages listed in the Introduction to get a better idea of the structure, but the common structure is as follows:

  1. All children pages must start with Installation/On-Screen Mesa
  2. Next indicate the operating system it's meant for and in that page, must refer have at the bottom of the page this code:
    [[Category:Installing On-Screen Mesa]]
  3. Whenever there is a detail specific to a Mesa version, please indicate directly where that detail is relevant. If it extends for more than a paragraph, then please create a chapter dedicated to explaining said difference and link to it from where it refers to.