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An annual mini-conference for OpenFOAM users in the Gothenburg region has been organized since 2011.

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The purpose of this meeting is to bring together people working with OpenFOAM in the Gothenburg region, to get to know eachother and share experiences. It is up to the participants to define if they belong to the Gothenburg region - we had participants from all over Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Great Britain.

The meeting is free of charge and includes lunch and coffee (as long as the number of participants stay at approximately 40, as previous years).

Send a mail to hani@chalmers.se if you are interested in this meeting, and you will be added to a special e-mail list for further communication.

The conference is on the Wednesday of a full week of OpenFOAM activities at Chalmers. Two courses are given Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday, see: http://www.tfd.chalmers.se/~hani/kurser/CPE_OSCFD/

The idea is that participants in the basic course will get an opportunity at the mini-conference to meet more experienced OpenFOAM users, and see how they use OpenFOAM. Participants in the high-level development course might attend the mini-conference and give a presentation of how they have used OpenFOAM so far, and their plans for the future. Some might do the whole week, and some might just do one of the activities.