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Contributed solvers

1 Solvers that fit into the OpenFOAM classification

These solvers fit into the classification, that is given by the directory structure of the solver-sources.

1.1 Basic

  • potentialWaveFoam: A one-line solver that solves a wave equation, fvm::d2dt2(phi) == c * c * fvc::laplacian(phi).

1.2 Combustion

  • alternateReactingFoam: A library and a solver based on it that allow the usage of different chemistry engines for reacting flows
  • edcPisoFoam: A specialised application for turbulent combustion modelling (non-premixed and premixed) based on the OpenFOAM® technology.

1.3 Compressible

1.4 DNS and LES

  • PisoFoamSSD: A Low-Dissipative, Scale-Selective Discretization for PisoFOAM

1.5 Electromagnetics

  • EHDFoam: A Numerical Model to simulate the multiphase flow in the electrostatic field, based on the Taylor-Melcher Leaky Dielectric Model

1.6 Financial

1.7 Heat transfer

  • massBuoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam: Steady-state solver for buoyant, turbulent, incompressible flows with vapor and contaminant scalar transport for HVAC and similar applications

1.8 Incompressible

  • simpleScalarFoam: Steady-state incompressible laminar flow solver with scalar transport and mass transfer coefficient and Sherwood number calculation
  • turbScalarFoam: Unsteady incompressible laminar flow solver with scalar transport and mass transfer coefficient and Sherwood number calculation
  • icoBlockedCellFoam: Unsteady incompressible laminar flow solver with the possibility to exclude definite FV cells from the flow calculations
  • icoDyMFoam: Unsteady incompressible laminar flow solver with the dynamically refined mesh according to the transported scalar distribution

1.9 Particles(Eulerian)

  • SbmFoam: A suspension balance solver developed during a PhD for rigid spheres in fluid flows. It accounts for particles migration phenomenon (as a continuum approach).

1.10 Multiphase

Solvers for two or more interacting liquids

  • RichardsFOAM: A solver for water flow in unsaturated porous media.

1.11 StressAnalysis

2 Other

These solvers don't fit into the standard scheme.

2.1 Turbulence Modeling

2.2 Technology Demos

Solvers that demonstrate concepts, but haven't got a fully implemented physics.

  • icoStructFoam: Fluid-Structure interaction. Demonstrates the use of two coupled solvers and mesh motion
  • interTrackFoam: Tracks a moving interface with a moving mesh, so that the mesh boundary remains coincident with the interface.
  • solidParticleFoam: A minimalistic code and case set-up as an example of how to use the solidParticleCloud class.

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