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The OpenFOAM®-Extend Community Portal

This portal is intended to provide a sound infrastructure as a basis for world-wide joint developments on extensions of the OpenFOAM® CFD toolbox. The infrastructural core to enable collaborative work on the OpenFOAM® CFD toolbox is organised around this web site which is based upon the content management system Joomla!. Via a menu you will be lead to the information on how to take (or be) part of the OpenFOAM®-Extend project.

Visit the portal at

Some features:

  • Create your own sub-project and sub-group of the OpenFOAM®-Extend project (Task manager and network facilities are available!)
  • Find and/or organize OpenFOAM® related event as local user group meetings using the event management.
  • Register your institute, company or service provider as "OpenFOAM® Cluster" at our board system -- Get connected.
  • Acquire students, post-docs or professionals for your projects using the academic board or professional board system respectively.

At the bottom of that page you find a world map holding current main development clusters and contributors to the OpenFOAM®-Extend project.

This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD® Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM® software and owner of the OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.