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A frequently performed operation in numerical algorithms, including SIMPLE and PISO, is the calculation of the face fluxes after the solution of the pressure equation:

F = \mathbf S \bullet \left \lbrack \left . \frac{\mathbf H}{A_p} \right \vert_{v \to f} -
\left . \frac{1}{A_p} \right \vert_{v \to f} \left . \boldsymbol \nabla p \right \vert_{v \to f} \right \rbrack


  • S are the surface area normal vectors;
  • H is the H operator;
  • Ap are the diagonal matrix coefficients from the U equation;
  • p is the pressure; and
  • v \to f indicates interpolation from cell volume centres to face centres.

Uses lduMatrix;;faceH to calculate the individual components.