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This property of type Text makes the page a Feature which can be displayed in tables

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Feature/LinuxPlatform +Linux  +
Feature/MacOSXPlatform +Mac OS X  +
Feature/WindowsPlatform +Windows  +
Feature/ami +AMI (Arbitrary Mesh Interface)  +
Feature/enhanced dictionary expansion +Enhanced dictionary macro expansion  +
Feature/foamyHexMesh +foamyHexMesh  +
Feature/fvOptions +fvOptions  +
Feature/ggi +GGI (General Grid Interface)  +
Feature/multiphase Turbulence +Multiphase turbulence  +
Feature/patchGroups +Patch groups  +
Feature/semiImplicitMULES +Predictor-Corrector Semi-Implicit MULES  +
Feature/thermal baffles +thermal baffles  +
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