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1 reactingFoam and Eddy Dissipation Concept

This tutorial was given by Dominik Christ, RWTH Aachen University during the 6th OpenFOAM Workshop Training session.

Valid versions: OF Version 17x.png

Title: Simulating the combustion of gaseous fuels

Description: This class is about simulating gas-phase combustion, both using the solver reactingFoam which is part of the official OpenFoam release and the solver edcSimpleFoam that was presented at last year's OpenFoam workshop. A tutorial case will show the simulation of the model diffusion flame Flame D using global and detailed reaction mechanisms. The class covers importing chemical reaction mechanisms in Chemkin format and how chemical reactions are defined in the native OpenFoam format. Different solution strategies for combustion setups are discussed. Radiation modeling will be shortly addressed with focus on combustion applications.

The presentation is there: File:Christ OFW6 slides.pdf

The code and test cases are stored in: File:Christ OFW6 combustionCasesAndSolvers.tar.gz

Keywords: reactingFoam, Eddy Dissipation Concept, radiation

2 Lagrangian spray / diesel spray

This tutorial was given by Peter Keller, TU Bergakademie Freiberg during the 7th OpenFOAM Workshop Training session.

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Title: A deeper look into Lagrangian spray source code - information for case setup and model development

Description: In this training the basic classes and methods of Lagrangian spray library will be presented and discussed. Looking at the source code the information needed within the case dictionaries shall be identified. It will be demonstrated how to set up spray configurations for injectors, atomization, break-up and evaporation models or injector types and where it is used inside the solver implementation. Additionally, the most important functions to update parcel properties will be explained to allow further model developments more easily. For this reason a new case will be set up using a multi-hole injector within a with blockMesh generated o-grid mesh. Furthermore, difficulties arising for certain boundary conditions and limitations of the existing models will be shown.

Keywords: Lagrangian, spray

3 XiFoam / Cubic combustion chamber


This is a project from Ehsan Yasari carried out during the CFD course of Chalmers university in 2010.

Valid versions: OF Version 17x.png

The report describes the theory and settings for XiFoam. Then the solver is applied to a cubic combustion chamber.

Download the material on PhD course in CFD with OpenSource software, 2010 - look for the project of Ehsan Yasari at the end of the page.

Keywords: XiFoam, premixed flame