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1 OpenFOAM Numerical Optimization Working Group

The OpenFOAM Numerical Optimization Working Group was initiated at the Ninth OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb, June 2014. See the [1] for more information about the workshop.

Responsibles: Joel Guerrero, Christian Carestia, Marco Cavazzuti, Krunoslav Šešet and hopefully anyone willing to contribute.

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If you want to contribute but do not know what to do, feel free to drop a message in our Sig Numerical Optimization linkedin group

Short personal presentations of the people in the group (add a presentation of yourself!)

Since the very first moment I started to work on optimization and numerical simulations, two curses were cast on me:

The curse of meshing and the curse of dimensionality.

And now by association, you all have been cursed.

2 Objectives

  • Identify common areas of interest in numerical optimization using OpenFOAM;
  • Share knowledge and experience and discussing issues related to the field of numerical optimization;
  • Provide tutorials involving academic and industrial cases where numerical optimization has been applied successfully;
  • Develop best practice guidelines in numerical optimization;
  • Research & develop new methods, applied elsewhere, which could be integrated in the OpenFOAM workflow;
  • Connect people with the same interest in the numerical optimization field;
  • Organize events, workshops and collaborations.

3 Guidelines

Detailed written tutorials should be added to the 'tutorial' workspace below.

An SVN repository will be added soon where source files and tutorials will be located

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5 Current projects

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