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OpenFOAM extensions SourceForge SVN repository.

The Sig Turbomachinery should use this repository for development and distribution of files. Tutorial cases should be put in the SVN according to the SVN descriptions, but the descriptions should be put in the Sig Turbomachinery Wiki. The repository is not the place for large test cases, so we are looking for another place to store large files. It should however be possible to generate blockMesh grids to test most features that are of interest for turbomachinery.

Here is a list of things that should be added to the repository:

  • A utility for setting fixed axi-symmetric inlet boundary conditions based on 1D profiles read from a file.
  • A time-dependent boundary condition for setting fixed axi-periodic boundary conditions based on 2D distributions read from a file.
  • rotatingSimpleFoam, to illustrate how to add the source terms.
  • The cavitatingFoam code, which is based on the interFoam solver and mass transfer models. A detailed tutorial is also needed.
  • A CGNS converter.
  • Scripts and testcases for parallel benchmarking.
  • Post-processing libraries for turbomachinery that can be added to any solver like the 'probes' library.
  • An embryo of a fully working GGI interface.

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