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Cédric Duprat (Ph'D student)

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  • Adress: LEGI - MoST 1025, rue de la piscine - 38041 Grenoble, FRANCE

2 Laboratory and Research Topic

MOdelisation and Simulation of Turbulence (MOST) is one of the 9 research teams of the Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (L.E.G.I.) in Grenoble (France).

My Ph'D theses is about modelling turbulent unsteady swirling flow in draft tube (hydraulic machinery).

More information about my topic can be found there .... but in french :-)

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4 Slides, Proceedings and Papers



  • C. Duprat, O. Métais LES of a high Reynolds number swirling flow in a conical diffuser, Ercoftac Workshop Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations 7, September 8-10, 2008, University of Trieste, Italy.
  • C. Duprat, O. Metais and T. Laverne. Large Eddy Simulation of a High Reynolds Number Swirling Flow in a Conical Diffuser. 4th IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, October 27-31, 2008, Foz Do Iguassu, Brazil.

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