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This site should be a collection of new implemented turbulence models

As soon as the model is stable and does not need any further developing, it should be marked and copied to svn.

2 Incompressible

2.1 RANS

Below is the description of the additional models that have been implemented into a single OpenFOAM library. The description on how to obtain these additional incompressible RAS models can be found here:

2.1.1 kOmega family kOmega-SSTF

2.1.2 v2f family zeta-f0

2.1.3 Models with advanced wall treatment kOmega-SST (CWT)

  • Short description

This model is based on the 'default' OpenFoam kOmegaSST implementation with some adjustemts to get an enhanced/compound wall treatment (similar to FLUENT). The implementation is based on Popovac/Hanjalic.

  • Problems / Difficulties with the implementation

It seems to work for some meshes quite well (the range up to y+=0.3-10 and from 20- around 40 (?) works well, at least the results are similar to the default tutorial for the Launder-Sharma model; I did not test a u+/y+ view yet...). I would be nice, if you can test the model on your test case and give some suggestion for improvement!? Basically I just coupled the boundary conditions for omega, the turbulent kinetic energy production and viscosity for the low-Re and high-Re case using a function like exp(-Gamma). Right now, I set the values in the wall nearest cell (faceCelli), though I am not sure, if they have to get set at the boundary face (facei) as well!?

  • Literature

Popovac, M., Hanjaliæ, K., 2007, Compound wall treatment for RANS computations for complex turbulent flows and heat transfer. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 78(2), 177-202
  • Small Example Case

This is aquite simple test case for RANS models based on the boundaryFoam tutorial. It should be quite simple to run.

  • Download

Valid versions: OF version 15.png

2.1.4 Transitional models mykkLOmega model

  • Description

The model is based on original OpenFOAM version of kkLOmega model according to Walters and Cokljat. The model contains corrections described in Fürst, 2012. The repository contains the ERCOFTAC T3A flat plate case which should be run with 'unset FOAM_SIGFPE'.

  • Literature
  1. D. Keith Walters, Davor Cokljat: "A Three-Equation Eddy-Viscosity Model for Reynold-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of Transitional Flow", 2008
  2. J. Fürst: "Numerical Simulation of Transitional Flows with Laminar Kinetic Energy", 2012
  • Download

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2.2 Hybrid RANS-LES

2.2.1 Blending Turbulence Models

2.2.2 Interfacing RANS and LES models

2.2.3 URANS 2nd Generation

2.3 LES

3 Incompressible (Buoyancy)

3.1 RANS

3.2 Hybrid RANS-LES

3.3 LES

4 Incompressible