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The table below shows the interests of some of the participants in Sig Turbulence. The purpose of the table is to find common interests that may end up in fruitful collaborations. Add your own interests!

The nomenclature of the table is as follows:
S Ready to Share the development. Improvements by others is encouraged.
D Working on Development or interested in participating in the development.
T Ready to do alpha/beta Testing and basic test cases to test the features.
V Validation
Abbreviations for the participants:
IND Industry
... ... many more!?

Current Status

Table of interests:
FB IND ...
Wall Treatment:
Compound Wall Treatment (Popovac) D T ...
Inlet Conditions:
Synthetic Turbulence D - ...
Other Methods - - ...
Outlet Conditions:
Convective Outlet - - ...
Other Methods - - ...
RANS Turbulence Models:
zeta-f (Popovac/Hanjalic) D T ...
Hybrid RANS-LES Turbulence Models:
- - - ...
Computing aspects:

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