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1 Wall Treatment

The LES wall function in OpenFOAM assumes an instantaneous correlation between the the velocity at the first off-the-wall grid point and the wall shear using an assumed velocity distribution (usually done). In the particular case of OpenFOAM, the Spalding's continuous law is used.

One can find the implementation in src/turbulenceModels/LES/incompressible/wallFunc/nuSgsWallFunction

1.1 Literature

About existing models implemented in OpenFOAM for LES model

  • Eugene de Villiers PhD theses, which can be download there : and then Students and Ph'D thesis, has a section about LES wall treatment.

About existing models implemented in OpenFOAM for RAS model

About existing models implemented in OpenFOAM for DES model


  • Ugo Piomelli has done a huge work about wall treatment in LES (
    • Piomelli, U. and Balaras, E., "Wall-layer models for large-eddy simulations," Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 34, 349-374, 2002.
    • Piomelli, U., "Wall-layer models for large-eddy simulations," Prog. Aerosp. Sci. 44, 6, 437-446, 2008
  • Cabot, W. and Moin, P., "Approximate Wall Boundary Conditions in the Large-Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds number Flow," Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 63: 269-291, 1999.

1.2 Related threads on the forum

About existing models implemented in OpenFOAM for LES model (the main thread according to me):

2 Inlet Boundary Conditions

2.1 Literature

  • Construction of inlet conditions for large eddy simulation, Mohammad Baba-Ahmadi, PhD Thesis, University of Exeter (2007).

  • Synthetic Inflow Boundary Conditions for the Numerical Simulation of Turbulence, Nicolas Jarrin, PhD Thesis, The University of Manchester, (2008)

  • "HYBRID LES-RANS: Inlet Boundary Conditions for Flows With Recirculation", Lars Davidson, "Advances in Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling, "Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design", Vol. 97, pp. 55-66, 2008.

  • Inlet Boundary Conditions for Embedded LES, Lars Davidson, First CEAS European Air and Space Conference, 10-13 September, Berlin, Germany, 2007.

3 Hybrid RANS-LES Turbulence Models

3.1 Literature


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