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Wind energy is a growing field and uses for OpenFOAM within the field are also growing. This is a forum for people interested in different aspects of wind energy to share ideas, provide support and have a place to meet individuals with similar research goals.

Announcement: First Symposium on OpenFOAMⓇ in Wind Energy will be taking place 20 - 21 March 2013 in Oldenburg (Oldb), Germany

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2.1 1st meeting

The first meeting will occur at the 6th OpenFOAM workshop taking place in State College, PA on June 13-16, 2011. We have been allotted 2 time slots on Thursday, June 16. If you are interested in presenting a short (<10 min) presentation about who you are, what you use OpenFOAM for and issues you are currently struggling with, please send an e-mail to one of the session leaders. Please see our schedule for more information about the meeting.

2.2 2nd meeting

The second meeting occured at the 7th OpenFOAM workshop that took place in Darmstadt, Germany 25-28.6.2012. This meeting was organized at the spot and enjoyed 8 attendees. Main topic was "ABL flow in complex terrain" and the interests were ABL for building ventilation and pollution dispersion as well as complex terrain for wind energy resource estimation. Hanan Einav-Levy took notes (available here). During the meeting some todo items where written down and they are summarised here

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O.F.Wind - OpenFOAM bases resource assessment tool, shown in the 7th OFW in Darmstadt [1]