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Thank you for your impressive work I've just downloaded pyfoam v0.5 and it's amazing ! May I suggest you some interesting links that you certainly already know but never mind.

It's for 2D,3D plotting and to add some GUI


Enthought Tool Suite

in particular traits UI and Chaco

Thanks again for your excellent work Have a nice day.


Thanks for the nice words.

Currently the focus for the plotting stuff (especially during runs) is on performance and for that (at least in my impression) gnuplot is still the best, although ugly. For more beautiful plots I recommend using the --write-option of the watcher and process the resulting textfiles with a program of your choice.

But I will have a look and if something better turns up I will adopt it.

About third-party libraries: I try to make PyFoam rely on as little third-party-libraries as possible, because they might not be available on all systems


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