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1 Test equation:

C_f=\frac{\tau_w}{1/2\rho U_0^2} with \tau_w=\mu\frac{\partial <u>}{\partial y} \Big|_{y=0}

2 Test Code:

echo $PATH |grep OpenFOAM

3 Link Test:

My University Uvhc

4 Current Work:

Large Eddy simulation of an axisymmetric impinging jet on a circle plate.

4.1 Problem setup

Sketch of the computational domain:Exemple.jpg

Boundary conditions:Exemple.jpg

4.2 To do

  • Find a meshing strategie
  • Make the mesh for Large Eddy Simulation
  • First simulation with a steady impinging plate
  • Test the solution strategie with a rotating plate at various \omega~(rad.s^{-1})