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1 centralFoam

1.1 Introduction

centralFoam is a compressible flow solver based on the family of central/central-upwind schemes. Initially developed to deal with non-viscous flows (see first document) it has been recently extended to viscous (yet only incompressible and laminar) flows and to low-Mach and truly incompressible flows through time-preconditioning. Furthermore R-K time integration and some standard convergence acceleration techniques have been implemented (see second document).

Work is still ongoing (in my free time) towards full viscous (incompressible & compressible, laminar & turbulent) capacity and to improve performance when computing incompressible flows.

1.2 Documents

centralFoam_01.pdf (zipped)

centralFoam_02.pdf (zipped)

2 MGsimpleFoam

2.1 Introduction

MGsimpleFoam is an FAS-multigrid solver for incompressible viscous (yet only laminar) flow. It is the first example of an FAS-multigrid solver based on a new FASMGagglomeration class, which takes care of automatically generating the required coarse-level meshs and of the inter-level field transfer operations. Similarly to the standard simpleFoam solver, hence its name, it uses the 'SIMPLE' algorithm as basic smoother in the multigrid process.

Work is still ongoing (in my free time) towards full viscous (laminar & turbulent) capacity and the application to parallel computations on large 3D meshes.

The FAS-multigrid methodology might be extended, using the same FASMGagglomeration class, to most other solvers, including the compressible/incompressible flow solver centralFoam

2.2 Documents

MGsimpleFoam_01.pdf (zipped)

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