Tip Advanced Time Selection Options

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Valid versions: OF version 15.png OF version 16.png OF version 17.png

Starting with Version 1.5 most OF-utilies use the timeSelector to make it possible to specify more than one time-step with the -time option.

The old (and still working) usage of -time is to select the time 1200 for reconstruction:

reconstructPar -time 1200

If we wanted to reconstruct timestep 1300 as well we would have to retype

reconstructPar -time 1300

With the new -time we specify that we want to reconstruct from 1200 to 1300

reconstructPar -time 1200:1300

It is also possible to specify to reconstruct the timesteps up to 500

reconstructPar -time :500

or starting with 3000 until the end

reconstructPar -time 3000:

or we can do all of them at once (using the comma to seperate the options):

reconstructPar -time :500,1200:1300,3000: