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1 Name

transformPoints - Transforms the mesh points in the polyMesh directory according to the translate, rotate and scale options.

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2 Synopsis

transformPoints [OPTIONS]

3 Description

Transforms the mesh by applying a translation, a rotation and/or a scaling. The operations are carried out in that order i.e.:

  1. Translation [-translate]
  2. Rotation [-rotate | -rollPitchYaw | -yawPitchRoll]
  3. Scaling [-scale]

-translate VECTOR

Translate the geometry by the specified VECTOR - e.g. "(1 0 0)"


Transform in terms of rotation between VECTORA and VECTORB - e.g. "( (1 0 0) (0 0 1) )"

-rollPitchYaw VECTOR

Transform in terms of '(roll pitch yaw)' given in degrees

-yawPitchRoll VECTOR

Transform in terms of '(yaw pitch roll)' given in degrees


Read and transform vector and tensor fields too

-scale VECTOR

Scale by the specified amount in the 3 cartesian directions - e.g. "(0.001 0.001 0.001)" for a uniform [mm] to [m] scaling


Run the utility in parallel

-roots "(DIR1 [...DIRN])"

Directories through which the data are distributed

-region NAME

Specify a mesh region by its NAME

-case DIR

Execute the command on the case directory DIR. If not provided, use the current directory


Skip the execution of the functionObjects


Display the help and exit


  • yaw is the rotation about z
  • pitch is the rotation about y
  • roll is the rotation about x

This utility is used in the following tutorials:

  • incompressible/pimpleFoam/elipsekkLOmega
  • multiphase/LTSInterFoam/wigleyHull