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Dr. Alexander Vakhrushev

Worked since 2001 at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, since 2005 as a Postdoc fellow dealing with non-Newtonian highly viscous flows and nano-flows.

Since 2009 - member of the Chair "Simulation and Modeling of the Metallurgical Processes" at the University of Leoben, Austria. Current research work is devoted to the "Modelling of Flotation and Melt Convection-Dragged Motion of Inclusions and Gas Bubbles in the Submerged Nozzle Region of a Steel Continuous Caster".

This study employs Computational Fluid Dynamics methods to simulate solidification processes during continuous casting taking into account motion of non-metallic inclusions and gas bubbles.

CFD application with open source code (OpenFOAM) is used as main tool for simulations including new solidification and turbulence model design as well as particles and gas bubbles motion.