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o Preparation of URQs for Visual-CFD; solver behind is OpenFOAM o Implementation of CHT, Multiphase models, Rotating Mesh, output function objects and many more user friendly features in Visual-CFD. o OpenFOAM 1612+ and 4.1 support for recent release of Visual-CFD

	Presales Projects

o Member of the Product Management team working on various presales projects mainly from automotive domain, the projects includes complete CFD cycle. o Recently carried out Lawn Mower/ Underhood Analysis for power trailer tractor for JOHN DEERE and support for GM process along with ESI NA team

	Testing and Validation

o Actively involved in product management task, includes testing problem requests and validations for next release of ESI tools o Validation of Automatic wall function for various Turbulence models in ACE+ solver, released reports of validation cases. o Supporting queries of the customers for ESI CFD tools


o Preparing Tutorial Manuals, Setup manuals and OpenFOAM training PPT’s using LATEX along with OpenCFD team for Visual-CFD o Preparation of the tutorial cases for Basic and Advanced training manuals

	Installations and Cluster scripts

o Handling installations of ESI tools (OpenFOAM and Visual-CFD) on Linux and Windows Platforms o Submitting Jobs on ESI Cluster